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It begins like this:

You walk in to find a gently candle lit room. Ethereal music is playing. Beautiful scents are in the air. A massage table is before you, like an altar, waiting just for you, to lay your body down, safe and secure that your body will be cared for with love and compassion.

You lay down and feel the the warm soft fresh linen sheets against your skin. Your body eases and releases. You start to surrender. The tension in your body starts to release. You hear the sounds of me preparing to begin, moving stealth-fully around your prone and resting body, your anticipation is palpable, your heart is beating strongly. You can smell the exotic essential oils on my muscular body. You can feel the heat of my body as I stand over you.

I pause over your body, I hold my hands out, I feel your heat, your energy. I prompt you to breathe, I take a deep breath....

And then it begins....

My strong warm hands press into your back, and pause, feeling your breath, getting in synch with your breath / your energy / you. I slowly pull back the top sheet, exposing you nakedness, your buttocks is just barely covered. I lightly stroke your skin, you feel my touch and have an electric feeling race through your body. Warm scented oils glide over your skin. Like warm golden silk my hands will feel like. I start to work deeper. Strong intuitive hands seek and find your muscles, tired, sore muscles begging for release. With compassion I work, taking you to the edge. Just enough pressure, you relax and release. My hands travel to every inch of you, finding everything. Spots that you have long forgotten about. Your back, your hips, your shoulders, your neck, your feet. My hands are strong. You'll feel like a rag doll. You can't help but to surrender. Helpless and joyful.

My hands slowly make their way to the crest of your hips. I stroke gently down your buttocks. Kneading and lovingly touching you. Your hips rise to meet my touch. A gentle moan escapes from deep within you. You wonder if the table is flying...It feels too good. Your body gets warmer. Your breath quickens. But the massage does not stop.

I travel down your legs. You are amazed that I find everything. Every tight muscle. Every sore spot that your have carried around for so long.

I massage up your legs. Just barely reaching your sex. You moan again. You want, need to have me touch your wetness.

But not yet...

I move to our feet. My hands are strong and penetrating. I massage your feet like no one has ever done before. I touch your feet. I worship your feet. Long and slow and complete. Every toe is a princess. All the pain is gone. It feels like I have known your body all of my life.

I have you turn over now. The table is warm. You are secure. You are floating / drifting. Drifting in and out. You can't believe that all this is real.

I move slowly up your legs and thighs. Kneading and stroking. You can't help but slowly, gently spread your legs. Inviting me in.

but not yet...

I continue through the rest of your body. Your arms. Your hands. Taking time to massage your fingers and forgotten spots. Your neck. Your head. I caress your beautiful face with rose scented lotion.

Now it's time...

My warm hands move down to your breasts. Slowly I move across them. Gently kneading. your nipples are getting hard. Your breath is heavy. I work my way down to your stomach. My touch is light.

There is no going back now...

Have you ever wanted/hungered for a long slow sensual massage? where every inch of your body is touched with love and compassion? Then I am your man.

I'm a REAL cmt masseur. I have very skilled hands and a fit and muscular body. I can give you an expert massage with warm oils and soft linens on a real massage table. With special attention to ""sensitive"" areas. This massage is free of course. You just need to be willing to surrender to my touch and allow yourself to be pleasured.

You may see other posts offering sensual or tantric massage for women. I am unique in my skills and intent. I work with tenderness and compassion that is unrivaled.

I'm looking for attractive woman (drug and disease free. race is unimportant ) to share this experince.

(please reply with massage in subject line)

And some basic information about yourself. One line responses receive little attention.
a pic is great, but not required.
Intelligence, a positive personality and fearlessness is by far more beautiful and say more to me than a digital photo ever will...

I specialize in the woman who has ""never done anything like this before"".

This massage is performed at my quiet and clean home in a safe and peaceful neighborhood near the beach.

I am safe, sane and experienced.

I am very skilled G-spot/yoni massage and get amazing results! If this is something you wish to experience, then this is your chance.

Let me take you to the edge of paradise!

This ad is for real. So is the writer. And yes, that is my picture.
I am a real certified massage therapist (CMT) and went to school for massage and have many years experience. I am VERY passionate about healing and body work. And you will receive a very real full body therapeutic massage.

This massage is FREE, yes free.

I am sometimes asked, ""what's the catch?"" There is no ""catch"". I do this because I love to give women pleasure. Once you experience my sessions, you will know this to be true...

I am fit and athletic, drug and disease free. I am looking for HWP, drug and disease free women under 46 yo.

And to be clear, this is NOT just some crude offer for sex. But your opportunity for a long ( 90 minute plus ) amazingly sensual full body massage with an exceptional (extended and multiple) release from a skilled man that enjoys pleasing women with a passion. Be touched by a man who knows what he is doing...Your pleasure and comfort is always the central focus!

Daytime, evening, after work or late night sessions available.

Feel beautiful in the hands of a loving man that will touch you like no other..."


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The Junks and Sampans of the Yangtze. Its original wording mode can be found in classical reference books. During the Qing dynasty , western encyclopedias described Ningbo as a center of craftsmanship and industry. As there are three main rivers running through Ningbo, it is crucial to build bridges to improve the efficiency of transport network in Ningbo. Longjing tea Shaoxing wine. The exports totaled USD The city now serves as the economic center for the southern Yangtze River Delta and has been ranked among the most competitive cities in China.


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Since the late s, 16 bridges have been built on the three rivers. The city now serves as the economic center for the southern Yangtze River Delta and has been ranked among the most competitive cities in China. Its responsibility includes projecting force in the region around the Republic of China Taiwan , which the People's Republic of China views as a renegade province. The Junks and Sampans of the Yangtze. In the Hangzhou Bay Bridge was built, cutting highway transit time between Ningbo and Shanghai to two and a half hours from four. The municipal government offers preferential policies designed to encourage investment in international trade, new strategic industries, manufacturing, information services, and creative industries. Ningbo's economy grew 9.


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The sub-provincial city of Ningbo is as whole a group urban with one central group, one northern group, and one southern group. Several schools are permitted to operate educational programmes instead of the Chinese National curriculum and accept international students into their schools. Thereafter they made the factory near Ningbo their chief trading outlet. George Evans Moule, B. He then began a mission station at Hang-chow, between which and Ningpo his time had been chiefly divided. This article needs additional citations for verification. The financial incentives have attracted over relevant firms to establish operations. Administrative divisions of the Republic of China instead.


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The city's export industry dates back to the 7th century. Administrative divisions of the Republic of China instead. Ningbo was also once famed for traditional Chinese furniture production. Ningbo Climate Studies humidity, sunshine [23].

Clockwise from top: Ningbo's Skyline, Ningbo Southern Business District, Tianyi Chamber, Former residence of Chiang Kai Shek, Port of Ningbo .


I expect you to be respectful and courteous at all times. Please before you make any quick decision look around and get to know a little more about me and if you are satisfied with all the information provide, do get in touch and we can take it from there.